"With a name like that they must be metal, right?"  Ummm hell no...I mean, maybe?  It's probably annoying when people are like "this band sounds like this other band that's really famous" because we're all unique angels who can't be compared on that level.  But if one were to wonder what this band is reminiscent of, well they've been compared to bands such as Built to Spill, Weezer, Neutral Milk Hotel, Pavement, Superchunk, The Pixies.  So if you hate those bands you won't be into AC Deathstrike.  But if you're like "Hey those bands are tight"  Then you'll be like "hey AC Deathstrike is tight".  Known for their melodic harmonies mixed with self deprecating tongue in cheek lyrics that turn these crunchy alternative pop punk songs into adventures of poetic expression.  (to be continued)


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