Is This Thing On?

Check one check two, testing, test test. Records Records is back on! Welcome to the new site! We're trying to make it more user friendly and more easily navigable. Though you can still find the old web design on the XMAS artist page website link if you miss it (which I do!) But I love what this is growing into. In the coming weeks we hope to bring back the Records Records weekly podcast mix tapes, along with exciting new releases for this year from our roster. Our friends from Seattle, GUESTS, have been kind enough to release their new album LEGACY OUT BACK through us! You can stream on the site and/or buy a tape from their bandcamp page. AC Deathstrike has been busy at work in Florida with an exciting new line up and playing show every night, please be sure to check out the Wizard/Witch EP featuring Teresa Rose on the mic and bass, and Dawson Bass on the drums, the EP is a free download! As for Adel Bengo (me!) I've been collaging a cassette tape of homemade beats before my drum machine died, and getting back into keys, it's going to be called Dog Calming Music in honor of road tripping with my nervous pups and getting stranded in LA last year. Its projected short run release is sometime next month. Additionally XMAS has been working on studio recordings featuring many friends, it is XMAS as you know it, all grown up in 2019, bigger than ever before! I was going to retire the name, but I feel I owe it to XMAS to give it this release of possibly my most favorite songs I've ever found. And lastly I have recordings for a new Kitschmas release, and I've fixed my laptop to try and work on an ultra-simplified version of the video game we advertised at the start of Records Records to go along with Closer by Kitschmas, the debut release of this fine label! Please stay tuned for Records Records news as we get under way. Thnx for being sweet! - Adel